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    BREAKING NEWS! The Cruel Dog Meat Trade Exposed

    New Animal Equality undercover investigation exposes the horrors of the dog meat trade in China! Media coverage: SkyNews

    Please help Animal Equality share this video to show
    people the sad reality for these animals. Also sign the petition to stop this at VoicelessFriends.org

    12 04.08.13

    Stop China Airlines Cargo From Shipping Primates To Laboratories!

    China Eastern’s cargo division, that ships monkeys, is called “China Cargo Airlines” . They are considering a ban on shipping primates to laboratories but they are getting lots of pressure from labs. China Eastern is now the last airline shipping Chinese-origin monkeys and so the labs are pulling all the stops to keep them from shipping primates.

    Please give them more pressure!

    Contact: China Airlines Cargo

    Sample Letter

    Dear ……

    I was dismayed to learn that your airline continues to facilitate cruelty to animals by transp
    orting primates destined for laboratories. These highly social, intelligent beings are routinely mutilated, poisoned, deprived of food and water, forcibly immobilized in restraint devices, infected with painful and deadly diseases, and psychologically tormented.

    Additionally, primates suffer from the long and grueling transport in the cargo holds of planes and in the backs of trucks. For these reasons, nearly every major airline refuses to transport primates for use in experiments. It is shameful that your airline lags behind and continues to support this cruel practice.

    Please join leading airline companies and adopt a formal policy prohibiting the transport of primates destined for laboratories to ensure that your company plays no role in the suffering of these animals.

    Yours sincerely (Your Name)


    8 02.01.13

    Take Action! Ask Revlon to Stop Testing on Animals

    Revlon has long been considered a cruelty-free company. However, in recent years Revlon has opened up cosmetic manufacturing in China, where animal testing is compulsory. When asked whether the company is testing on animals in China, Revlon representatives responded by saying, “Revlon is in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations related to animal testing.” This arbitrary statement has led consumers to believe that Revlon is hiding the fact that it now tests on animals.

    PETA has recently withdrawn its endorsement of Revlon as a cruelty-free company, now claiming that the company does indeed test on animals. PETA also recently bought a large share of Revlon’s stock so that they could determine once and for all whether Revlon is abusing animals for the sake of beauty.

    An independent manufacturer who sells ingredients to Revlon to make cosmetics also reported that Revlon recently ordered tests on 50 animals. These tests involve injecting rabbits or mice over and over again until the subjects die in order to determine at what concentration the product is lethal.

    Animal testing is an outdated practice that is no longer necessary to ensure the safety of cosmetics. Alternative methods, such as using human cells, are readily available and equally effective. There is no reason in this modern world that animals need to be tortured for the sake of beauty products. Further, Revlon needs to come clean to its consumers about animal testing once and for all. Please ask Revlon to admit to animal testing and to stop abusing animals.

    TAKE ACTION! Please contact Revlon, write a comment on their facebook page, talk about them on twitter, and sign the petition! Spread the word!

    Help Save 70 Beagles From Experimentation

    A whistleblower has given People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India evidence, including video footage, of 70 beagles being held at Animal Quarantine and Certification Services in Chennai. The dogs – who were imported as “pets” from China – will soon be transported to Advinus Therapeutics’ laboratory in Bangalore, where they will likely be injected with or force-fed chemicals, experimental drugs and pesticides until they become very sick or die. The dogs’ invalid import paperwork renders their shipment illegal.

    PETA is calling on the Indian government to conduct an urgent investigation and to transfer the dogs to PETA so that they can be placed in loving homes.

    Please sign and share!

    21 11.14.12

    Stop Cosmetics Company From Lying About Animal Testing

    Reinold Geiger, founder and CEO of cosmetics company L’Occitane

    Goal: Issue a public statement admitting to paying third party facilities to test L’Occitane products on animals

    Recently, many cosmetics products have been losing their leaping bunnies–a logo issued by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics that indicates that a product has not been in any way tested on animals. The reason? Cosmetics giants that wish to expand into China must, by Chinese law, test their products on animals before selling them to the public. Despite having recently moved into China, the high-profile cosmetics company L’Occitane still issued a statement to the public insisting that it does not test products on animals. Tell the founder and CEO of the company to stop lying to the public and come clean on his company’s new animal testing practices.

    A press statement from L’Occitane claims that the brand “does not and never has tested its product on animals.” This sly bit of misdirection is factually correct; no employees of L’Occitane have themselves sprayed a rabbit in the eyes with perfume or smeared lipstick on the skin of a dog. However, the company has outsourced the testing of their products on animals to third party facilities in China, ensuring that each product passes standards imposed by Chinese law.

    While L’Occitane may not perform animal testing itself, the company is certainly funding the cruel and inhumane tests that allow its products to be sold in China. The recent statement claiming that the company does not engage in animal testing is a thinly-veiled lie and a feeble attempt to keep vegan and animal-conscious customers purchasing L’Occitane cosmetics. Insist that the company clarify its statement on animal testing and admit to paying third parties to conduct tests on its behalf.

    Sign the Petition!

    5 09.20.12

    China - A new policy proclaimed in Harbin Province prohibits large dogs

    In China, Harbin Province has recently proclaimed a policy that raising large dogs are prohibited including the breeds of Golden Retriever, Chow Chow, Labrador and others.

    Dogs should be dealed by raisers by October 31, 2012, or they will be fined for 10,000 to 20,000 RMB. After the dogs are confiscated, there should be 1,000 RMB per day for management fee according to an article published in the Chinese news.

    People start to sell their dogs to the dog meat dealers. So far, numerous big dogs have lost their lives due to this policy. A few people from other districts of China said that they are willing to take care of some dogs, but it still cannot solve the problem.

    Click here for more information.

    Please sign and share this online petition started by the group ”Hands in Hand with Chinese activists” that sends immediate mails to the Mayor of Harbin Song Yibin and the Harbin City People’s Government to help the citizens of Harbin City to keep their beloved pets.

    3 04.08.12

    Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder support animal cruelty

    Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder are paying for tests on animals. They were on PETA’s cruelty free list, but started testing again after requirement of the Chinese government. They did not inform PETA or consumers that their policies had changed.

    Take Action! Please take a moment to let Avon, Mary Kay, and Estée Lauder know that you are disappointed in their backsliding and that you will no longer buy the companies’ products as long they are tested on animals.

    Take Action! Cruelty Cases Urgently Call For Legislation

    Aggravated by the rescue by animal protectionists of 520 dogs in Beijing destined for the slaughterhouse, a man from Guangzhou posted a message on his blog threatening to kill two dogs every day. He will start on July 1st and continue his executions until the animal rescuers apologise in public for saving the dogs.

    He is also calling for a hundred like-minded people to join him in his gruesome plan. Meanwhile, he is posting pictures and comments on his blog on different ways to kill dogs.

    On a picture of a pegged puppy on a clothesline, he wrote: “I found a way to have fun by hanging a dog in the sun for exposure over a long time - the dog will enjoy it and so do I.”

    In another cruelty case this month, it was discovered that an individual has been torturing and killing cats over the last five years. He always adopted former stray cats for this abuse. Every time he molested and killed a cat, the whole process was described vividly and posted on various online popular forums in China, using different ID names.

    Excerpt from his online diary on the torture of a cat named Peanut, 27-05-2011:

    ”I used to hang the cats previously. This isn’t exciting enough. I just pass on what I found out about cats:

    1. A cat is not afraid to be beaten. Use a stick to hit the cat violently can only make it scared, angry, and even wounded. But it’s difficult to make it feel pain. Anyway, I wanted her to be in pain, to make it feel pain. 

    2. To provoke domestic cats, pulling the tail is definitely effective. It is difficult to make Peanut angry, but later in the experiment I found that pulling her tail immediately makes her furious, ha ha!

    3. Flesh isn’t sensitive to pain, but bones are. This time I intend to twist her front legs, even break them, I love to listen the loud cries of pain from the cat.”

    Unfortunately, these examples are no exceptions. There is an increasing number of cases where individuals torture animals and publicize widely on the internet their abuse and the satisfaction they get from such acts. Research has proven repeatedly that animal abuse and violent behaviour in society are strongly linked.

    Although these instances of animal abuse cause outrage among Chinese citizens and animal groups, there’s not much they can do. It shows yet again that the adoption of proper animal welfare legislation in China is an urgent need. Therefore we are asking individuals from all over the world to ask the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to pass animal protection laws as soon as possible.

    Please send a polite email to the following addresses: qzxx@npc.gov.cn, tgxx@npc.gov.cn, icc@npc.gov.cn —-> sample letter.

    At the same time, we will raise our concerns to the relevant authorities and urge China’s infotainment web portal to stop disseminating this information which encourages the public to torture innocent lives.

    Support Act Asia||Petition||In Memory of Peanut

    14 01.16.12

    Animal Asia: 800 dogs Saved From China’s Meat Trade

    Eight hundred sick and terrified dogs are fighting for their lives after being rescued from the dog-meat industry. One local animal shelter in Chengdu has kindly taken in around 350 of the dogs and Animals Asia’s vet team is offering advice, medicines and practical help with quarantine and treatment.

    Please donate to Animals Asia, so that they can provide more emergency help for these dogs, and so that they can continue their campaign to end the terrible trade in dogs(and cats)for their meat.

    Take Action!

    23 12.03.11

    Help End Bear Farming In Asia

    Right now, there are at least 12,000 bears suffering in Asia. They are held captive in tiny cages and shocking conditions. These bears are farmed needlessly for the bile contained in their gall bladders which is used to make Traditional Asian Medicine. Their reality is a lifetime of suffering and pain.

    Shocking and inhumane methods of bile extraction have been developed by the bear farming industry. All of them cause severe mental and physical trauma to the captive bears.

    The practice usually involves taking bile from a live bear. The bears are kept in small cages preventing them from moving around, while cubs bred are often used to perform tricks for entertainment until they reach the age where they can be used for bile extraction.

    International trade in bile and other bear parts including paws and gall bladders also occurs even though it is illegal. There are many effective herbal alternatives that can be used instead of bear bile.

    Bear farming has increased the amount of bear bile available to consumers significantly, and it is actually feared that bear farming is causing a decline in wild populations in China and across Asia, as the bear farming industry stimulates increased demand for bear bile products.

    Support WSPAS ”Help End Bear Farming” Campaign and sign their petition.

    Read the heartbreaking story about a mother bear and her baby at a bile farm.


    * Sponsor a bear

    *  Help launch Animal Asia’s new media campaign – Say NO to bear bile!

    * Get involved

    * Donate

    * Support Animal Asia’s shop

    * Sign petition

    Support AnimalAsia and spread the word!

    15 07.18.11