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    Stop the eviction of Animals Asia’s Vietnam bear rescue centre

    Animals Asia’s
    Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre faces eviction from Tam Dao National Park, following an aggressive campaign by the park director, Do Dinh Tien.

    On Friday 5 October, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) informed Animals Asia that the Ministry of Defence has issued an order to evict the sanctuary operation and its 104 rescued bears. This follows Mr Tien lobbying the Ministry of Defence to declare the sanctuary to be an area of “national defence significance”.

    Mr Tien has been pressuring Animals Asia to relinquish the land since April 2011. It is believed that he intends to hand it over to the Truong Giang Tam Dao Joint Stock Company, in which his daughter has an investment. This company has submitted an application for development of an “eco-tourism park” and hotels on the site.

    The closure of the rescue centre would have a severe impact:

    104 bears, rescued from Vietnam bear bile farms and smugglers - evicted

    77 local Vietnamese staff – unemployed

    US$2 million – investment in building and development by Animals Asia - lost

    The local economy that depends on the centre would also be severely impacted, and the Vietnamese government’s commitment to ending bear bile farming would be called into question.

    Click here to read more.

    Animals Asia is calling on the public in Vietnam and worldwide to appeal to the Prime Minister to allow the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre that he previously approved and endorsed to continue operations and expand in line with the government’s original agreement.

    Please spread the word!

    13 10.09.12

    Animal Asia: 800 dogs Saved From China’s Meat Trade

    Eight hundred sick and terrified dogs are fighting for their lives after being rescued from the dog-meat industry. One local animal shelter in Chengdu has kindly taken in around 350 of the dogs and Animals Asia’s vet team is offering advice, medicines and practical help with quarantine and treatment.

    Please donate to Animals Asia, so that they can provide more emergency help for these dogs, and so that they can continue their campaign to end the terrible trade in dogs(and cats)for their meat.

    Take Action!

    23 12.03.11

    Live animal feeding in Chinese zoos and parks

    The practice of feeding predatory carnivores in zoos and wildlife parks live “prey”, has been discontinued in most countries for many years. In China, however, it is still widely practiced today.

    The predatory carnivores in the parks include most big cat species, bears and hyenas. The “prey” animals fed to them include cattle, buffalo, goat, horse, chicken, ostrich, duck, guinea fowl and rabbit.

    Predators are often starved prior to the “shows” in order to make them more aggressive so that the “show” is more spectacular, and the prey animals are often removed from the predators before they get the chance to eat them. Some animals are used several times before they finally die a slow painful death.

    Both predators and prey are often kept in small, cramped cages or enclosures. The “show” is very far from anything that would happen in the wild, and is nothing more than an act of barbaric cruelty.

    - Animal Asia

    Article by the Daily Mail: Animals torn to pieces by lions in front of baying crowds: the spectator sport China DOESN’T want you to see.

    YOU CAN HELP! Write to your local Chinese embassy or consulate in support of regulations to stop live animal feeding.

    And please support Animal Asia so that they can continue to work towards a better future for Asia’s animals.

    3 06.07.11